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Got a question?

Here is are few answers to questions I was asked but if you have any specific one that comes up, let me know I will be happy to help.


Question Where are the products produced ?
AnswerAll of the products you can see in the shop are handmade by myself from design to finish.

For the candles, I first make the sculpted models out of clay and then create a silicone mold that I use to produce them.

For the leathergoods, I first create my designs by drawing and then create patterns that I use to cut out the pieces of leather before assembly.

Question Why is vegetable tanned leather so good?
AnswerThere are different types of processes to transform animal skins in flexible and durable leathers.

The most renown nowadays are mineral chrome tanning , aluminum salt tanning and vegetable tanning.

Chrome and aluminum tanning are quite recent compared to vegetable tanning and they have the advantage to be very efficient as they allow to speed the tanning process by up to 100 times which and allow the creation of very similar leathers.

The disadvantages of these processes is that the waist from the factories that produce them are quite hard to recycle as they contain a lot of heavy metals. They are also said to be bad for health as some derivatives of chrome and aluminum salts can enter our organism when put in contact.

On the other side vegetable tanned leather has been around for more than 5000 years and relies on plants to do the process. The plants are carefully selected for their tannin which is the principle ingredient to softening and making the skins durable. This process is a very long and can take up to a year to be effective.

The result is quite astonishing as the leather keeps a strong and tight internal structure and is therefore much more durable to wear than his counterparts.

This leather also has the advantage of aging greatly and the more it is used the more it will keep the marks of time which gives it a unique look and feel.

I’ve worked with all sorts of leathers and since the day I got to work with vegetable tanned I never looked back. The smell the touch and the look of it make it something quite natural compared to other leathers.

Question Are animals put down for there leather ?
AnswerNo, vegetable tanned leather and hides are a by-product of the food industry. If leather products weren’t made they would go to waste. All waste gets re-purposed and recycled unlike in the fur industry.
Question Will I receive my product in a special box or packaging ?
AnswerThe short answer is no.

I started Darksails with the objective to make products that will last a lifetime if taken proper care of. Thus helping you reduce your consumption and carbon footprint.

Question Why does Darksails sell patterns to make the leather goods ?
AnswerWell it’s a conscious decision. Making leather goods is my passion and It’s been such a fun journey that I am happy to share it with others.