Black custom fit Leather Belt

~ Custom fit ~

If you are looking for a belt that’s just the perfect size, you are in the right place.
All my belts are custom fit and hand crafted following traditional techniques reserved only for the most exclusive and authentic products.


~ How does it work ? ~

When I receive your order, I will send you a sizing guide by email explaining how to take the right measures.
Once the dimensions are sent back it will take me a day to make the model.


In stock

~ Sustainable materials & conception ~

Because I value our planet and our traditions I take great care in the selection of my materials and that is why I only use premium full grain vegetable tanned leather that I collect from a local supplier.

Vegetable tanning refers to a process which unlike mineral tanning is carried out with great respect for the environment while giving the leather an outstanding look & feel. Full grain refers to the most prized layer of leather as it is made of the densest fibers.

The thread is bees-waxed wired linen, which means it passes into a starch bath into which beeswax is added and is then brushed with horsehair and stretched. These operations give the thread a smooth and durable aspect combined with a strong hold. A lot of people think nylon thread to be more durable than linen but it is a misconception. Nylon is more durable but not when applied to leather crafts. With age nylon will end up cutting through your leather making your leather good irreparable whereas linen will end up wearing off.

And finally I use a solid brass buckle that will give a nice authentic touch to your belt when aging.

~ Handcrafted in France ~


full grain vegetable tanned leather




Custom fit


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