Meet the creator


~Where it all started~

I'm Jeremy the Designer and Craftsman behind Darksails, a small luxury leathergoods brand I founded in 2010. 

I've had a deep love for building and creating things ever since I was a kid, and that love has never faded.

~ Origin ~

I graduated from Strate College in 2004 in the field of Automobile and Sustainable Design. With my diploma in hand I started off working in the car industry, first as a concept car modeler for Pininfarrina, Lazareth and later in the Advanced design studio of General Motors were I had the chance to work on their latest electric concept car presented in various car shows.

After this experience I decided to take my chance and build my first design studio with friends in the french Alps. We started off small and ended up working for companies like Salomon, Atomic, Quechua building outdoor bags, sports equipments ,footwear and apparel.

After a couple years of learning and gaining experience, this led me to take a new challenge and work on the launch of a luxury footwear company for an Armenian familly. My job consisted in  designing the whole shoe collection, setting up a team, sampling the materials, validating the prototypes with the craftsman and working closely with the factories to build the shoes.

It was quite a journey and what really got to me was the experience working with the crafstmen in the workshops which reminded me of my early days working as a concept car modeler. Nothing is more gratifying for a designer than actually putting your ideas to life, mostly when you get to take the decisions on the quality you want to put in them.

This is why I decided to set sails and create my own brand where I could be the sole master onboard and take the decisions to build on values that are dear to me which are to stay small, build good and keep contributing to a more sustainable futur by creating products that will stand the test of time.

Thank you for accompanying me on this creative journey, and I hope you enjoy the craftsmanship imbued in every item I create.