Our Story

~ When the love of craftsmanship and
the passion for design meet, the call for adventure rises This encounter gives birth to DarkSails ~

pochette zippé en cuir noir 02 - black leather zip pouch


~ Origin ~

Darksails draws its name from the depths and meanders of the ocean. Where years of work forg the long road of experience, because when venturing into the ocean it’s better to ensure that your ship will guide you safely to your destination.

bifold leather card holder - handmade in black vegetable tanned leather - made in france - porte cartes a volet en cuir noir a tannage végétale naturel pleine fleur - darksails


~ Quality ~

When it’s time to board, better be well equipped. Over time, through encounters and learning with passionate suppliers, relationships were forged. Thus began the construction of strong sails, made ​​of their best materials.


~ Traditional Craftsmanship ~

When the swell is agitated and the vessel pitches and rolls , only the quality of the materials take precedence. The arts and crafts then join the crossing by parrying Darksails univers with quality products. Sole captain on board, the development is done through mastering the techniques that form the core of tradition.

Black handmade leather belt keychain by darksails - porte clefs de ceinture faite main en cuir noir


~ Passion ~

With the ocean for horizon, DarkSails sails with passion. Should the sea be calm,gentle and silent, or should it stir so rough in the darkest storms , only the memory of this dream rises from the waves. We must then remember that it was in the adventurous spirit that it all began …